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The story of L'Orbe begins in 2012 thanks to a collective of visionary minds. A team of chefs, distillers, designers, scientists and experts come together to innovate in luxury and create a new infusion technology. A NATURAL INFUSION A UNIQUE SENSORY EXPERIENCE Orb uses this technique of natural infusion, without any additives, without aromatization and without chemical stabilization, while preserving the integrity of the ingredients. A UNIQUE WEDDING A BREVETÉ INFUSION TECHNIQUE L'Orbe was inspired by molecular cuisine to develop a technology to infuse caviar into vodka, and thus combine sensations unprecedented in the world of spirits. This patented technique protects caviar in a sphere made of algae that is called: "orb". Caviar is encapsulated in a pearl. These beads are then immersed in a tube immersed in vodka. The thin membrane of these pearls protects the caviar while allowing it to infuse its aromas into the heart of vodka, delicately and without detriment.