How It Works

Winebnb's mission is to become the largest international community of wine lovers by offering a range of wine-related services all on a single platform. 

There are two key roles on our platform: the host and the consumer

The role of the host is to create memorable experiences/moments for the customers, whether they're wine professionals, winemakers, or even amateurs simply hosting a tasting. These events will typically take place at their own homes, vineyards, or even in public/private spaces.

Hosts can:

  • Sell bottles from their private cellar to share with guests at home
  • Create listings for tastings and tours for wine lovers to discover and book
  • Offer accommodations for wine-loving travelers, these include but are not limited to: private bedrooms, apartments, and guest houses
  • Earn money while sharing their passion with others

Customers can: 

  • Experience great wines from private cellars, tastings, and on tours from all over the world
  • Purchase bottles that are hand-selected by the Winebnb team
  • Travel to vineyards, Châteaux, Estates, and Distilleries, and learn about the process of winemaking and the production of spirits
  • Stay at unique wine-related properties in some of the greatest growing regions in the world

For additional questions, go to our FAQ page or contact us