Who We Are

dégustation de vins de bordeaux

To Briefly Explain...

Winebnb is a platform where wine lovers can come together to share a common passion.

Taking Part in the Tastings

Our website is a tool to connect wine lovers from all over the world, giving them more resources to connect and meet up for public or private tasting events, even at the homes of the wine producers. These unique tasting experiences allow guests to have the opportunity to taste rare bottles from the producers, which cannot be found anywhere in the market, all in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Broadening the Oenotourism Adventures

Winebnb customers are able to discover various wine tourism opportunities around the world. They can visit large estates and castles primarily in France, as well as plan their own stays at these locations. Additionally, they can visit distilleries for all kinds of spirits around France, and all over the world. Winebnb is constantly working to create more and more unique oenotourism adventures for its customers across the world.

Great Deals, Globally

Winebnb offers a large selection of bottles from all over the world, all discoverable on our website. No matter which country you are in, we can deliver to you.