Who we are

dégustation de vins de bordeaux

In few words ..

Winebnb is a platform where every wine lover can come together to share a common passion.

Taking part of the tastings

We offer our website in order to connect wine lovers so that they can meet during public or private tasting evening at the home of the host. That could allow you to have the opportunity to taste rare bottles from the inhabitant, which you could find nowhere on the market and all of that in a friendly atmosphere.

Living the oenotourism adventure

Winebnb also offers to its customers the opportunity to travel by offering them the opportunity to discover various horizons through wine tourism. You can then visit large estate or castle of French wine heritage and stay there on site, you will also have the opportunity to visit distilleries of all kinds of spirits all around the France but also all over the world.

Making good deals

Finally, Winebnb offers a catalog of large bottles that you can now order from the website and they will be delivered to you, no matter the country from which you order them.