The WineBnB team



Jérôme : 

We won’t tell you how he came up with the idea of WineB&B, but perhaps you will learn about it if you run into him at one of the various tastings that he holds. He is passionate about cooking, gastronomy, business, and most importantly wine! You will never find a Big Mac or tasteless supermarket sandwich on Jerome’s lunch table, but instead a nice warm cup of coffee along with the stories of him from “departement 47” in which he began his journey!

Sophie :


Coming from a mix of Parisian and Bordelaise, Sophie has overcome all the flaws of both places and constantly seeks to challenge herself. She was overjoyed to discover that there are more wines than just those of Sancerre and Bordeaux! This discovery of unique wines all over France and the world was a revelation for Sophie. She is now on a mission to keep seeking out rare, unique, and forgotten grape varieties to share with the world.

Valentin :


Our business developer who arrives every morning with a gym bag, but doesn’t go to the gym… Don’t ask any questions, we’re just as confused as you are, maybe it’s just for the look? When speaking on the phone, he can be a bit rough at first, but rest assured, he’s like a coconut shell… tough to crack. He talks in a tone low enough to give the right amount of assurance. Occasionally, we will send him to an afternoon wine tasting, in which his voice will become more natural, allowing him to provide a more exotic service.

Prunelle :

Joining our team from the world of fashion, Prunelle brings Winebnb her own unique “marketing mix” and transversal vision. Customer’s love seeing the takeaways much more than the home deliveries, simply to just see her in person. Coming from the brimming subways of Paris, you’ve got to watch out, as she stands at a firm 1,95 cm!

Our selection committee :

As some of our selection committee would prefer to remain anonymous, we won’t display any photos of them. Thanks to Nico, Jacques, Marie, Charles, Thomas, Sarah, Pierre, Flo, and many others, we’ve been able to create various unique discoveries and host a variety of panel tastings. Because of this team, the Wineb&b team has found many hidden gems, and is looking forward to discovering many more!