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Celorico de Basto
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Integrated in the Demarcated Region of Vinho Verde, Basto sub-region, Quinta de Santa Cristina has a secular history, belonging to the same family for several generations. With about 60 hectares of vineyard and forest, the estate welcomes you to a unique atmosphere between Fafe, Marão, Alvão and Cabreira hills and the right bank of Tâmega river, which invites you to peace and harmony among wines and nature. Besides the wines and sparkling wines, there are several Wine Tourism activities the traveler can experience in loco: From guided tours through the vineyards and the winery and wine tastings to picnics and even some adventure paired with wine as rafting and 4x4 wine tours. Quinta de Santa Cristina provides also a wine shop where you can get some wines and sparkling wines, regional products and also several wine accessories, such as cooler sleeves, corkscrews, frapés,… Visit Quinta de Santa Cristina and get to know the grapes’ way until they become wine while you are appreciating some wines with your family and/or friends.